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What To Expect From A Tooth Extraction Procedure

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dentist toolsWell, it happened. Your dentist told you that a tooth extraction is necessary. So what should you expect?

First, know that a tooth extraction is performed with the utmost safeguards for the patient. The procedure begins with an x-ray of the area surrounding the tooth. This will help the dentist or the oral surgeon to determine the best plan for removing the targeted tooth. The x-ray will also show any unusual conditions that may need to be considered during the procedure.

The patient may be given an intravenous anesthesia to create a mild sedation. If appropriate, the patient may be given general anesthesia. The patient will be given instructions to follow and in many cases, a local injection of a pain medicine will suffice.


There are two types of tooth extractions. The first is a simple extraction, which is generally used when the tooth is easily seen. Observing the position and condition of the tooth is essential. In this case, the dentist uses an instrument to loosen the tooth, and then dental forceps are used to remove the tooth. Of course, the patient will be given post-surgical instructions and many times just over the counter medication can be taken to help with any discomfort.

The second type of extraction is a surgical extraction, and as you may expect, this is a more complex extraction. An oral surgeon usually performs this extraction, but a general dentist can also perform these as well. Surgical extractions are performed when a tooth has broken off at the gum line. In these cases, a small incision in made in the gum. It may be necessary to follow other surgical procedures for a tooth that is difficult to extract.

Either type of extraction will cause the patient to feel a little pressure, but this doesn’t necessarily mean the patient will feel uncomfortable.

The dentist or the surgeon will provide instructions about what needs to be done after the extraction. If necessary, the patient will be given recommendations for medications that will decrease the pain that may occur following the extraction. Any pain that occurs should not last more than a few days.

Problems after an extraction are uncommon, but any problem should be discussed with the dentist or the oral surgeon.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, or it has been years since you have been seen by a dentist and you hare having some concerns, please contact the Cincinnati dental office of Dr. Scott Malavich, D.D.S. and Dr. Andrea Schmerler, D.D.S. in Blue Ash Ohio by calling 513.489.7800, or using our contact form.



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