Are You Experiencing Tooth Crown Pain? What to Do

Unfortunately, having a crown placed on your tooth does not mean you’ll never feel pain in that tooth again. Tooth crown pain can occur for several reasons. You may have a broken or cracked filling, or your implant crown may be causing your toothache. But even if your filling fell out and you don’t feel pain, you still need to see a Cincinnati dentist near you, and pretty darn quick.

The important thing is to call a dentist near you and let him or her know there is a problem. Don’t put it off. The pain will only get worse, as will the dental decay. Whenever you’ve got inner tooth exposed to the elements of food, drink, the bacteria in your mouth, etc., there is an immediate need for dental care. You need an emergency dentist right away. Thankfully, our practice provides not only typical family dentistry services, but emergency dentistry services as well.

What is Causing my Tooth Crown Pain?

Typically, pain around the crown of your tooth can be caused by:

  • Tooth Misalignment
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Nerve Damage

Misalignment tends to be the most common cause of tooth crown pain, especially if you grind your teeth at night or when under stress. It also might be because your bite is around teeth that are higher than they should be. Accidents, undue stress on the teeth from things like clenching, or the natural movement of your bite can all cause misalignment.

The Risk of Infection with a Damaged Tooth Crown

Sometimes cracks, breaks, gaps or dislodgement of previous fillings can introduce bacteria into the filling and cause an infection — resulting in tooth crown pain. And if the crown was fitted without a root canal, that means you still have a nerve underneath. The nerve may be feeling pressure from an ill-fitting crown. Tooth crown pain, a toothache, chipped teeth, exposed nerves – any of these can (1) be a sign of an existing infection or (2) lead to an infection. Finding emergency dental care is integral to nipping the problem in the bud; infections, if left to fester, will eventually find their way into your jawbone, and that can have very scary implications.

Do You Grind Your Teeth at Night?

If you are feeling pain around your crown, your toothache may simply be caused by undue pressure on your teeth from clenching or grinding at night. Do your jaw muscles feel tight or painful when you first wake up? Does your face ever swell, or do you feel long-lasting pain around your jaw? You might be grinding your teeth at night. There are steps you could take to reduce the grinding. Talk to your local family dentist about having a night guard custom fitted to fit your bite.

You might also try to reduce stress before bed either through meditation, a nice relaxing bath, or placing a warm washcloth around your jaw just before sleeping.

It may be worth wearing a mouth guard at night to prevent grinding. Talk to your Cincinnati dentist. Our family dental practice in Sharonville is conveniently located for residents anywhere in the Cincinnati area, and Dr. Schmerler and Dr. Malavich are top dentists in the area. Either one can make recommendations on mouth guards, relaxation and sleep techniques.

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