Cincinnati Family Dentistry: How Old Should Children Be for Their First Appointment?

When should your toddler visit the dentist for the first time? Though the American Dental Association recommends that tots start seeing a dentist after their first birthday, it’s probably safe to wait until they are 2. But don’t put it off. They may just have their baby teeth, but it’s important to start off learning healthy dental care when they’re young. Plus, the permanent teeth are already developing beneath their primary teeth. Your family dentist can check to make sure they are developing properly.

Getting to Know Your Family Dentist

teeth dentist examThe primary purpose of your child’s first visit will really be just to make them feel comfortable and get to know the dentist. Our family dentistry office in Cincinnati takes extra special care to introduce the child to the dentist in a relaxed and friendly setting. A parent is always present, often holding the child on her or his lap as the dentist shows off the various dental instruments. Kids love to ride the dentist chair. We should sell tickets!

Educational and Welcoming

The child will also have fun exploring models and pictures of teeth and gums, learn proper ways to brush and get to take home a free toy. We try to make our dental clinic safe and welcoming for the entire family. Dentistry doesn’t need to be scary. We practice gentle dentistry for patients of all ages, including that unruly toddler who hates getting dental cleanings.

Why it’s Important to Start Early

It’s tempting not to pay attention to the dental health of babies and toddlers because they are so young. After all, they just have baby teeth they won’t keep forever. What difference does it make?

The truth is that it makes all the difference in the world. You can never start too early with great dental care and regular visits to your family dentist. That’s why you should have a dentist near you that you visit regularly. Especially for children, having a family dentist who sees them on a long-term basis will be familiar with their health and development, meaning we can provide the best and most knowledgeable care possible.

Great oral hygiene starts as early as they are infants. Even before your child has any teeth, it’s a good idea to wipe their gums with gauze or a soft, wet washcloth. Once they have teeth, start brushing them right away using a soft toothbrush and toothpaste designed for babies.

At the very least, you should schedule your child’s first dental visit by the time they are at least 2 years of age. We can help remove plaque buildup, provide a checkup, x-rays, and help teach your child how to take care of their teeth. We try to make that first visit as fun and educational as possible.

Something not a lot of us think about when considering children’s teeth, are the adult teeth developing above and below them in the child’s jawline. An office that provides family dentistry is going to be familiar with analyzing un-erupted adult teeth via x-rays – what they should look like at various stages, when they should come in, etc. Some children develop too many adult teeth and will need tooth extractions as they come in. Some children are missing adult teeth and may need implant crowns due to no fault of their own. Getting regular dental care from a great family dentist early in life is going to allow the best preparation for any of these scenarios.

Gentle Family Dentistry for the Cincinnati and Sharonville Areas

Of course, little kids aren’t the only ones afraid to go to the family dentist. Moms, dads and other adults are, too. It’s okay to admit it. We understand the dentist office can be a scary place. That’s why we do everything we can to make your visit as relaxed and comfortable as possible. We are a family dental practice in the Cincinnati area that makes gentle care a foundation of our practice.

Nearly anything you need, we can accommodate. We encourage adults to bring in their own music. And if you ever need a break, just ask. If you need more numbing during a tooth extraction or root canal, we’re happy to help. We design our waiting rooms and care facilities to be as relaxed and inviting as possible. We want you to feel at home.

Give us a call to make an appointment. We are accepting new patients. We can’t wait to meet you!