4 Benefits to Cosmetic Teeth Whitening in Cincinnati

Teeth whitening may be considered a cosmetic dental practice, but the truth is it can actually improve your oral health and transform your life. It’s like giving your whole appearance a beautiful makeover.

Stained teeth can adversely affect you in any number of ways: trouble finding a job, dating difficulties, perhaps even self-esteem issues. A beautiful smile can bring a lot of opportunities in life. Here are 4 benefits to whitening your teeth about most people don’t consider.

You Deserve a Beautiful Sparkling Smile

Through no fault of their own, many people suffer from flawed smiles. Just like everyone has different health conditions and issues, everyone has a different smile that requires different dental care. Their teeth may have come in irregularly. Lifestyle choices like smoking, wine, or coffee drinking may have stained their teeth and caught up with them. Teeth whitening lets people begin with a fresh start. It’s a cosmetic dentistry procedure that helps them recover their original beautiful smile. Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. We can help you rediscover sparkling white teeth you’re proud of again.

Teeth Whitening Gives You a Stronger, Whiter Smile

It’s important to have regular dental cleanings, but sometimes cleanings only go so far, especially if you smoke, drink a lot of coffee or wine, or it’s been a while since you’ve seen a dentist. A cosmetic whitening can provide even better, whiter and even results. The interesting thing about professional teeth whitening as well, is that the solution that whitens your teeth also cleans them – every nook and cranny. So you end up getting a teeth whitening session and dental cleaning all in one!

Whiter Teeth Lend a Magnetism to Your Look

Much of our social engagement happens on a subconscious level; we are invariably drawn to a beautiful smile. A brighter smile works like a magnet. People are instantly drawn to you. You are more approachable, seem friendlier, and even more likable. A whiter smile also tends to improve your dating life.

Teeth Whitening can Affect Your Professional Success

Research shows that people regard you as financially better off and more successful if you have whiter teeth. An image of success breeds success. A beautiful smile creates a better impression during job interviews and other professional interactions. People with better dental care appear more attractive, and subconsciously, the more attractive we find someone, the more we trust them. In the professional industry, trust is key many types of working relationships. A bright, inviting smile is a big part of that.

Do You Need a Teeth Whitening Specialist?

Beckham Square Family Dental offers teeth whitening and other cosmetic dentistry treatments to the Cincinnati area. Professional whitening provides more thorough and safer treatment than the teeth whitening strips you see in stores. We’ll first begin by photographing your teeth to get a comprehensive understanding of their current condition. Then we’ll discuss why you are considering teeth whitening and what results you hope for. We can then discuss the best procedure, depending on the degree of stains and what you are looking for.

Beginning with Necessary Dental Care

Before we begin the teeth whitening procedure, however, your dental care will need to be brought up to date. All cavities will need to be filled so that the whitening solution does not reach the inner parts of the tooth. Your teeth will also have to undergo a general cleaning to remove any debris. This is also a good step in restoring the whiteness of your teeth. At the end of the whitening process, your teeth will be stronger and healthier.

The Process of Teeth Whitening Explained

Our process usually requires 1 to 3 appointments of 30 to 90 minutes each, depending on the degree of staining. A whitening gel containing a form of hydrogen peroxide is applied to the surface of the teeth and activated with a special light. Different stains respond differently. The extent of each treatment can depend upon how stained the teeth are.

Complete Dental Care for the Entire Family

Though we specialize in cosmetic dentistry, we are a full-service family dental clinic serving Cincinnati. At Beckham Square Family Dental, all of your family dental needs are served under one roof. We are specialists who care about our patients like they’re family.

There are numerous advantages to this approach. For one thing, for every procedure we do, we pay close attention to how it will affect the beauty and health of your smile. Whether it’s technically a cosmetic dentistry procedure or not, our knowledge of cosmetic dentistry guides the approach we take. You just don’t get that level of specialty care with most dental clinics.

Second, because we’re a family dental clinic practicing gentle dentistry, you never have to worry about finding “the right specialist,” because you’re already working with one. Your comfort and care is our top priority. We want you to feel as relaxed as possible. Anything you need, just ask. We put the “care” back into dental care.