4 Qualities to Look for in a Sharonville Family Dentist

Like a good friend, you know instinctively when you’ve found a good dentist. It’s someone you trust, someone you’re willing to let put metal tools in your mouth, and who’ll keep up on the dental health of younger family members. Choosing a good family dentist ensures you’ll have someone who’s followed your dental health and done your dental care long-term, so they’re familiar with your needs and can get you the most specialized dental care possible.

Finding a good dentist isn’t easy, but you can feel it when you’ve found it. A good dental-patient connection is a relationship after all, and like any relationship, you’ve got to trust the vibe. Google and Yelp can definitely help, but family dentistry isn’t just about skilled dental cleanings and teeth whitening sessions – it’s about friendly rapport and compassion. Here are 4 qualities to look for when looking a dentist close to home who’ll best care for your family’s teeth:

Your Family Dentist Should Have Passion for Their Work

It’s important a dentist exhibit passion not only for their work but for the field of professional dental care as a whole. They need to not just care about their career but for the people they care for as well. A great dentist asks how you’re feeling, if you’re comfortable. They’ll ask you about your life, stress levels, diet. They’ll nurture your relationship with your oral health and encourage you to keep up thorough dental care both while you’re in their office and when you’re at home. Bottom line – you should get a friendly vibe from your family dentist, your kids should be comfortable with them, and you should all have a good feeling each time you leave the dentist office.

The Staff at their Dental Practice Should be Friendly

You can tell if you have the right dentist as soon as you walk through the door. Are they friendly? Do they put you at ease? Your family dentist should exhibit genuine care about you, like a family friend or a neighbor. They should show interest in your life as well as overall health, both physical and mental. Many people have anxieties about going to the dentist. An inviting smile and a friendly conversation can be the best way to put patients at ease.

Good Family Dentistry Focuses on Gentleness

These days, pain relief has come a long way. A great dentist takes special care to make sure his or her patients are comfortable and free of pain. They should check in with you periodically to ensure you have suitable numbing. They should offer you a break if you need it. Above all, they should make each dental experience as pleasant as possible. Because of today’s advancements in dental care and pain treatment, dental treatment should be as pain free and comfortable as possible, because it can be. Choosing a family dental practice that focuses on gentle dentistry can change your whole view of going to the dentist.

Top Family Dentists Provide Affordable Dental Care

You’re not made of money. By its nature, dental work can be expensive, even if you have insurance. But a good dentist can work within your budget and suggest approaches that may be able to save you money over time. Of course, one of the best ways to save money on dental care is to be proactive about it. Keep up on your regular 6 month checkups. And don’t skimp on the daily brushing and flossing. A good dentist should be able to tell you about any issues that are coming. He or she will discuss costs, plans, and help schedule the care according to your budget. A good dentist will be able to plan it out so your care is as efficient and effective as possible. If you keep up with your appointments, they should help you plan for the future.

Looking for a Family Dentist near You? We Serve Sharonville, Blue Ash, and Cincinnati

If you are looking for a family dentist and you live near Sharonville or Blue Ash – just north of Cincinnati – give us a call or fill out our contact form. We are currently accepting new patients. The combined family dental practices of Dr. Schmerler and Dr. Malavich, we practice gentle and preventative comprehensive dental care for the entire family. We work with seniors, adults, young children, even toddlers and babies. In fact, some of our younger dental patients are given a ride on a dental chair for their very first visit!

We provide all types of dental care, both standard and cosmetic, including teeth cleanings and checkups, root canals, implant crowns, dental bonding, teeth whitening and more. We practice the latest advancements in numbing agents, and will ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease. Relax! You’re in good hands.