Why You Should See Your Cincinnati Dentist Every 6 Months

Nobody loves going to see the dentist, not even dentists. But you probably like having a beautiful smile, not to mention healthy teeth. And it is pure bliss to hear your dentist say those magic words: “No cavities.”

It’s simple. Regular dental care is critical to the health of your teeth. The American Dental Association recommends seeing your Cincinnati dentist at least once a year, but the truth is you really should see one every six months. It’s the best way to spot any oral health issues early before they become more serious problems.

Fight Plaque and Decay

Sugar destroys your teeth and causes the build-up of plaque, which ruins your teeth. Seeing a dentist every six months will help prevent decay and remove plaque from your teeth. It’s the best way to prevent cavities and gum disease. Over time, regular dentist visits will even save you money as you avoid dental emergencies and have a healthier smile.

The Importance of Routine X-rays

Your Cincinnati dentist will also do routine X-rays as part of your regular oral care. This helps spot any problems you may have below the surface of your mouth, such as bone decay, swelling, cysts, or tumors.

The truth is dental issues tend to snowball the longer you put them off. They become not only more extreme but also more expensive. Take care of your mouth and get to know your Cincinnati family dentist.

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