Relax. Root Canals Can Be a Gentle, Pain Free Experience

We understand. On most people’s list, root canals rank right up there with IRS audits and family funerals. Nobody likes them, but sometimes they are an unfortunate but necessary part of life. The good news is a root canal doesn’t really need to be that bad. Thanks to modern science, the entire ordeal can be as painless as a haircut.

We believe in gentle, loving dental care. Throughout the entire procedure, we promise to keep you comfortable, relaxed and pain-free. Trust us. You’ll be so numb you won’t feel a thing.

Our friendly staff is trained to put your comfort first. We deliver personalized care in a comfortable, relaxing setting.

The Procedure

When the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected or inflamed, it must be removed or you risk serious infection. Severe pain and perhaps even abscess may result.

The procedure involves cleaning the pulp from the tooth with very small instruments. The chamber is then shaped to hold a biocompatible material to fill the space. The rubber-like material is called gutta-percha and is used to effectively seal off the root canal from bacteria and potential infection. The opening is closed with a temporary filling so the tooth can later be restored. In some cases, a crown may be necessary.

If you are feeling severe dental pain that is not responding to over the counter medication, contact us for an emergency dental appointment. We’ll take a look to see if a root canal is necessary. If needed, we can do one quickly to relieve your pain and protect your tooth.