Our Sharonville Dentists Look Forward to Meeting You!

What’re your criteria for a trusted family dentist in Sharonville or Cincinnati?

Many people look for friendliness and comfort. This is especially important if you have children or experience any dental anxiety yourself. We understand. That is why we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and assured. Relax! You’re in great hands.

The combined practices of Dr. Schmerler and Dr. Malavich, Beckham Square Family Dental is a Sharonville dentist practice serving Cincinnati and surrounding areas. Our practice is focused on gentle family dental care. We serve young children, kids, teenagers, and adults. We treat our patients like family. Your comfort, care, and health are important to us.

Our Services

We perform regular dental cleanings, fixed broken or chipped teeth, missing fillings and cosmetic dentistry. We are a one-stop dental clinic that can handle nearly any dental need you have for your entire family.

Treatment for the Entire Family

We believe in starting proper oral care early in life. We are happy to serve young children. We take extra care to introduce children to our staff and office in a friendly inviting manner. They will love taking an elevator ride in our dental chair and have fun learning how to care for their teeth with interactive educational models.

The Benefits of a Cosmetic Dentistry Specialist for Regular Dental Care

We also specialize in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Though cosmetic dentistry is by definition an elective, there are numerous advantages of going to such a specialist as your regular family dentist. With everything we do, we pay key attention to how it will affect the beauty of your smile. Our specialists can work with you to make sure that all caps and fillings fit the natural color of your teeth so you have a beautiful, natural smile that’s not full of silver and fillings.

Our dentists are also highly specialized so you are always getting top of the line care. And if cosmetic dentistry should be beneficial to any procedure, you’ve already have a specialist you can trust — your family dentist in Cincinnati.

Gentle Dentistry for Children and Adults

Of course, we understand that it’s not only children that can feel nervous in a dental chair. As a dentist in Sharonville serving families large and small, children and adults, we know how to make you feel at ease, whether you’re a scared kid or just a nervous adult. We understand. Sometimes bad experiences at dentist offices can lead to anxieties or phobias that make it difficult to take the necessary steps to practice routine dental care. It happens. We’re here to put you at ease.

Whatever you need, just tell us. Our waiting room is relaxed and friendly. Every member of our staff is trained in the best practices of kind and gentle dentistry. Do whatever you need to feel comfortable – bring in your own music, soak your forehead with a relaxing compress, take your shoes off. We’re here for you. You’ve got this. You’re in good hands. We are a family dentist in Sharonville that cares for every single one of our patients, ages 0 to 99!

Give us a call to schedule an appointment or make one online. We look forward to meeting you!