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whiter teeth teeth whiteningTeeth whitening is a wonderful procedure to help restore your teeth to a beautiful look. However, some people don’t realize that dental problems need to be treated before teeth are whitened. As an example, cavities need to be treated first. Otherwise, the whitening solution will reach the inner parts of the tooth. Whitening material will not work on ceramic or porcelain veneers or crowns. Keep in mind that if the exposed roots of your teeth appear to be yellow, and whitening products will not make them white.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

The procedure for teeth whitening is best performed in a dental office by a dentist who is trained in teeth whitening. The dentist will probably photograph your teeth so the whitening progress can be monitored. The dentist will also thoroughly examine your teeth, and ask questions about what has led to the need for whitening.

The next step is to clean your teeth thoroughly in order to remove any substances that have built up on your teeth, and that may have contributed to staining.

Types Of Teeth Whitening

There are two primary types of teeth whitening. Vital whitening is done on teeth that have nerves, while non-vital whitening is done on a tooth that has had a root canal – this tooth no longer has a live nerve.

A whitening gel, containing a form of hydrogen peroxided, is applied to the vital teeth surfaces. A special light causes the gel to activate, and as a result, the whitening action works more quickly. The process usually requires 1 to 3 appointments of 30 to 90 minutes each. Different stain types will respond differently.

Some whitening agents are activated by the skilled use of a laser light. These lights generate heat, which is a necessary part of some teeth whitening processes.

Teeth whitening should not be considered a permanent solution – especially if you smoke or consume a lot of foods and drinks that contain staining agents. If you smoke or eat foods that are known to easily stain teeth, then you will find that another whitening treatment will be required before 12 months has passed.

Teeth Whitening Safety

Teeth whitening is a very safe procedure and it is unlikely to have serious side effects. Some people’s teeth may be more sensitive for a short period, and mild gum irritation could also occur.

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