Rediscover Your Beautiful Smile with Teeth Whitening

Overtime, teeth will naturally stain. Sometimes it’s the food we eat, coffee and wine we consume. Other habits like smoking can also stain our teeth.

The good news is you can have beautiful, shiny white teeth again with a cosmetic dentistry process known as teeth whitening. It’s an easy and effective way to beautify your smile and bring out the appeal of your personality. And while technically the procedure is cosmetic, we do often notice an improvement in a patient’s overall oral hygiene. When your smile is this beautiful, you tend to want to maintain it with proper brushing, flossing and routine dental cleanings.

Repair and Restore Teeth for Maximum Benefits

Keep in mind, however, that to optimize the benefits of the procedure your dental problems will need to be treated before your teeth can be whitened. We recommend a cleaning and checkup before we do any whitening to make sure your dental work is brought up to date. That’s because the whitening solution will reach any inner parts of your teeth that are exposed. And if you have any yellow exposed roots, whitening will not be able to make them white.

First, we’ll photograph your teeth in order to best monitor the progress of the whitening process. Then we’ll do a thorough examination and cleaning to remove substances that have built up over the years. After that, we can discuss procedures and establish a plan to brighten your smile.