Is Teeth Whitening Worth It? Ask a Sharonville Dentist

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that whitens the teeth to remove stains and other discoloring. These stains can result from years of smoking, drinking wine or coffee, or poor oral health.

Your cavities will first need to be completely filled before the whitening process. Otherwise, the whitening chemicals can pass through the decay and damage the inner parts of your tooth. Your Cincinnati or Sharonville dentist will then photograph the teeth in order to map the progress of the treatment.

The Difference Between Vital or Non-Vital

There are two types of procedures: vital or non-vital whitening. Vital whitening uses a gel that contains some form of hydrogen peroxide. Non-vital whitening can only be done on a tooth that has already had a root canal and therefore does not have a live nerve.

Whitening teeth usually involves 1 to 3 appointments, each lasting between 30 to 90 minutes. The duration of the procedure depends on the degree of stains to be removed.

The procedure may result in temporary sensitivity or minor gum irritation.

Better Dental Health

Cosmetic whitening may be considered part of cosmetic dentistry, but most Cincinnati dentists will tell you it can have great effects on your overall oral health. Teeth whitening tends to improve the gums and provide deeper cleaning benefits than traditional dental cleanings.