Beckham Square Family Dental: The Top Dentists in Cincinnati

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What do the best dentists in Cincinnati have in common? Kindness and a friendly smile. All dentists are required to be licensed and have gone to dental school, but you can’t teach a gentle and caring touch.

But if you are looking for a family dentist near you, it pays to do some research. There are plenty of great dentists near Sharonville, Blue Ash, and Cincinnati. But the best dentist is the one who’s right for your family. At Beckham Square Family Dental, we treat patients of all walks of life, so we understand that different age groups have different needs. Whether you need an emergency dentist for chipped tooth repair because your kid had a rough soccer game, or you simply need a family dentist near you who can accommodate each member of your household, we pride ourselves on gentle, friendly and skilled care for all ages.

Our Dentists Have a Helpful Demeanor

The best dentists entered the profession because they love to help others. They know that protecting teeth, alleviating pain, and promoting oral health is good for not only the gums but the entire body. In fact, science has found that every tooth still left in your mouth at the age of 70 reduces a 5-year mortality risk by 4 percent.

And a Reassuring Presence.

But it’s not enough to care. A great dentist can also help reassure you. Of course going to the dentist is stressful, but they should do their best to put you at ease. Conversation is helpful. Caring and empathy is worth its weight in gold. A dental visit should be like seeing a good friend or beloved relative. They should share in your successes, ask about your life, and make you feel as comfortable as possible. Top dentists aren’t just skilled, they have great bedside manner and really care about each patient’s experience as well as their smile.

Comprehensive Family Dental Care

It’s important that your family dentist offer a complete range of dental care so you can go to them for whatever you need. Naturally, it’s fine to seek out specialists for complicated treatments like difficult root canals or oral surgery, but you should be able to rely on your local dentist to start with. Make sure they not only offer preventative dentistry, but cosmetic dentistry as well. Ask if they do root canals or wisdom tooth extractions. Do they have specialists they’d recommend? Top dentists will have great relationships with other specialists in the dental field like maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists. Your dentist will be your primary point of contact, so make sure they are the resource you need.

We Treat Our Patients Like Family.

Beckham Square Family Dental is the combined practices of Dr. Andrea Schmerler and Dr. Scott Malavich. The foundation of our family dentistry practice is gentle dentistry. We strive to do everything possible so you feel relaxed and comfortable. We use the latest advancements in dental technologies, including the most advanced treatments for pain.

And yes, we can be your emergency dentist even if we’ve never seen you before. One trait of the very best dentists is availability. We always try to be accessible to our patients.

We do care. To us, our patients are our family. We love learning about their lives, watching the kids grow up. Dentistry is our career. Caring is our passion. It’s why we went to dental school in the first place. Our waiting rooms and treatment centers are designed to be as comfortable as possible with the feel of a home environment. Relax. You’re in good hands.