Cracked & Broken Fillings

“Help, I Cracked My Filling”.

Looking for a dentist in Cincinnati to repair your broken or cracked filling?

chipped cracked toothYes, it has happened to many of us. Some of the foods we eat can damage our dental fillings by cracking or breaking them. The top nine foods and beverages that can damage a filling are ice, hard candies, dried fruit, potato chips, alcohol, citrus, coffee and sports drinks! We don’t often look at some of these as causing damage to a filling or a tooth, but they happen to be common culprits. People who chew items like jerky, tough meat, and hard vegetables are also susceptible to experiencing a cracked or broken filling.

Don’t Ignore A Cracked Filling

Fillings will weaken the longer they are in place. It is important to have your dentist regularly check every filling (another good reason for regular dental visits!!). The slightest crack in a filling will allow bacteria to enter the tooth and possibly get to the root. Prolonged exposure to any bacteria can cause problems elsewhere in the body. Cracked fillings can be found by a dental probe or an x-ray.

Options For Repairing A Damaged Filling

The first step in repairing a broken filling is to determine whether the filling can be saved. Unfortunately, sometimes, it may need to be replaced.

If the filling can be repaired, there are a few options available to the dentist.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is one method that does not require anesthesia. It will last longer than the filling will last. The material used can match the tooth in color and shape.

Root Canal

If bacteria has entered the tooth and resulted in the decaying of the root, then a root canal will be needed to clean out the decayed matter. A dental crown may be required after the root canal. Although root canals have acquired a reputation for being painful, this is actually not true today. The patient will experience only mild discomfort.

Filling Replacement

If the filling is severely cracked, then it may need to be replaced. New materials for fillings are available, and they create a stronger filling. Your dentist will evaluate the area of the tooth that surrounds the filling, and the dentist will also discuss the foods and beverages you consume.

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