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Does Your Loved One Have Special Needs? Our Sedation Therapy Might Help

If you or your loved one has special needs, regular daily care can seem challenging enough. It’s easy to overlook dental care — but it’s too critical to overall health to neglect. Fortunately, at Beckham Square Family Dental, we care greatly about the needs of every family member — including those with special needs. Here’s what we can do to make your loved one feel as comfortable and cared for as possible. Healthy smiles are what we do best!

Specialized Care for Special People

Those with special needs may have limitations and special considerations due to trauma, physical limits to their abilities, hereditary issues, or other healthcare complications. And if these challenges include sensory development, they need help to medically manage their health — and that includes dentistry.

We’re Specially Trained in Caring

Fortunately, our Cincinnati dentists and staff are trained in working with people with physical and developmental challenges — especially when it comes to comfort and pain management. Our extra care and specialized treatment can include sedation, friendly counseling, and other therapies.

We understand that the more relaxed the patient feels — the easier and more effective the treatment will be. This is true for all patients — but especially those who face special and developmental challenges. Our advocacy of gentle dentistry certainly applies to this group of the population. We take special efforts to care for their needs and comfort.

The Value of Sedation for Relaxed & Effective Care

That’s why we advocate for sedation in these circumstances. This way, the patient is completely relaxed and feels no discomfort and minimal anxiety. It’s easier to perform dental care and the treatments are much more effective and successful.

We can remove the plaque buildup that leads to cavities and gum disease. This can help avoid tooth loss and even lower the patient’s risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Is Sedation Safe?

Yes, any form of sedation has its risks — but in the hands of an experienced dentist, it’s very safe. We’ll always take a detailed look at the patient’s medical history. We always have the necessary oxygen and medical equipment backup to avoid an adverse sedation reaction.

Young Children with Special Needs

We’re great with kids — and that includes younger patients with special needs. Come in for a pre-consultation, and we can discuss what special care accommodations can be made. Oral care is just that — care. We understand how to help manage anxiety and how to make all our patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible — especially those with special needs. Gentle dentistry is the foundation of our Cincinnati family dental practice.

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