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Your Toothbrush is Probably Too Old! Why You Should Replace It Every 3 Months

What’s your dentist dying to tell you? Chances are, you probably aren’t replacing your toothbrush often enough.

The top dentists in Cincinnati recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. That’s practically every season: a new brush for fall, winter, spring and summer. But we know many of our patients wait at least a year between new brushes, if not longer.

Why Older Brushes Don’t Work as Well

Toothbrushes wear out. And when they do, they aren’t nearly as effective. As soon as you start to see those bristles start to flatten, it’s time for a new one. Older tooth brushes can be 33% to 50% less effective, even after just 6 months.

Toothbrush Tips

Here’s a tip. The next time you are standing in a drugstore, buy the multi-pack of toothbrushes, the kind that have 7 to 12 brushes in one package. That may seem excessive, but the reason most people don’t replace their brushes often enough is they forget. Have a well stocked supply, and as soon as you see the bristles start to bend, you’ve got a new one ready to go. Think of toothbrushes like paper towels or toilet paper. It’s best to always have plenty on hand so you never worry about running out.

You should also only buy soft toothbrushes. They are gentler on the gums and the enamel on your teeth. You can identify soft toothbrushes because they literally say “soft” on the package. Any other kind of brush is just too hard on your teeth.

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