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Worried About the Cost of Dental Care? Here’s How to Budget Your Dental Plan

We get it. Dental care can be expensive — even if you have great insurance. But ignore it and you’ll pay more overtime. And oral health is so important to your overall health that we always encourage our Cincinnati patients to get the treatment they need. We can work with you and help you budget. Here are a few ways to budget for treatment and some strategies to minimize the cost of dental work overtime.

Don’t Have Dental Insurance? Try PlanPro!

No dental insurance? Let’s talk. We can work with you to suggest ways to minimize costs. A great option is PlanPro – our new dental membership plan. Members receive 100% coverage for preventative dental work, and substantial savings on additional dentistry services. There are no deductibles, no monthly fees, and no yearly maximums. Learn about PlanPro HERE.

Dental Savings Plan

This is usually an alternative to dental insurance offered by some family dental practices in Cincinnati. It’s kind of like a dental membership club. You pay an annual fee — though it’s usually cheaper than dental insurance. In exchange, you’ll get a percentage off your treatments — around 10 to 60%. You’ll pay more for treatment than you would with most dental insurance plans but less to be a member.

Have Insurance? Check Your Insurance & Plan with Your Dentist

Insurance plans can differ across the board. If you have dental insurance, check into the details. Find out what’s covered, how much is covered per year, and if you have a deductible. If only a certain amount of coverage is provided per year, you can work with your dentist to plan your treatment for the best possible savings according to your insurance.

Dental Credit Cards

Dentists understand treatment can be expensive and patients may need to budget payments over a number of months or even years. The important thing is to get the treatment you need. Most dental clinics work with third party creditors who can offer unsecured loans so you can afford treatment according to your budget.

Many dental credit cards offer interest free payment periods — 6 months, 12 months, or several years. The catch is that if the loan isn’t paid off in the agreed period the interest may suddenly become retroactive — and considerable at 20%. Read the fine print and be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Talk to Your Bank

Depending on your credit, you may be able to take a personal loan out with your bank. Many feature such programs to be able to handle such emergency expenses like dental care or health care emergencies.

Pay for Preventative Care Early

We pride ourselves at being a proactive family dental practice. That means we advocate for preventative dental care that addresses potential problems before they become seriously expensive.

That’s why we always stress the importance of regular dental checkups and cleanings. A $100 filling is a lot more affordable than a root canal which can cost as much as $1,000.

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