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Why You Should Floss & How to Floss Like a Rock Star

Probably every time you visit our Cincinnati office, we advise you to brush. It’s like eating all your vegetables — it’s good for you, we swear. And yes, we’re aware this advice falls through the cracks — like all those bits of food stuck in your teeth.

But guess what? The only thing that effectively gets the food and bacteria out from the areas between your teeth is a string of dental floss. Your brush won’t reach. And Waterpiks — let’s be frank — are mediocre at best. There really is no substitute to getting deep between those gaps with a strand of dental floss.

Let’s break down exactly why you should brush. But let’s be honest — you probably already know you should. So we’ll also give you some inspirational tips to get the job done. You can do this!

Plaque Hardens Fast

Plaque is kind of like cement — once it dries, it’s hard to get off. What most people don’t realize is it hardens fast! It starts to harden as little as a few hours after eating. By 48 hours, it’s a solid plaster wall. Before too long the only way to remove it is a professional dental cleaning.

Flossing Saves Lives (Yes, Literally)

Believe it or not, but flossing benefits not only your teeth, but your health overall. In fact, people who floss regularly and have healthier teeth suffer a lower rate of Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and respiratory disease. So yes, flossing really does save lives — your own!

Say Goodbye to Bloody Gums

You’ll have to trust us on this. Many of our Cincinnati patients procrastinate flossing because it makes their gums bleed. The irony is their gums bleed because they don’t floss! The more you floss, the healthier your gums will be and the less they bleed. Plus, as you remove bacteria from the gum line, your body won’t need to send extra blood cells to fight the infection. Everyone wins!

Inspire Yourself to Floss

Yes, we know you do mean to floss. You’re not playing us — you’re playing yourself!

Want some motivation? After you’ve floss, rinse or drink a glass of cold refreshing water. Sit back and notice how clean and fresh your gums and mouth feel? Doesn’t that feel great? The after effects of flossing actually feel pretty great!

Here’s another mental trick to get you to floss. The next time you floss, smell the strand of floss. Yes, it’s gross — but keep in mind that smell would otherwise be in your mouth right now. Flossing freshens your breath. When you don’t floss, your mouth smells like that piece of dental floss. Nobody’s told you before because they’re too nice to you.

Make flossing easier. Floss in the shower. If you work in a closed door office, pack some office in your desk and floss after lunch. Floss before you settle down to relax for the night — not when you go to bed, but when you flip the chill switch, say in front of the TV.

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