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What Is Gum Disease?

I Have Been Told I Have Gum Disease

tooth brushingGum disease can be a minor inflammation of the gum or a serious problem that can cause major damage to bone and soft tissue which support the teeth. You may have noticed bleeding gums after brushing, or your dentist may have discussed receding gums with you during an appointment. Regular checkups with your Cincinnati area family dentist is important because gum disease is a progressive disease if not treated – prevention by way of proper oral care is important!

What Causes Gum Disease?

Sadly, there is a large amount of bacteria that thrives in our mouths, along with mucus and other particles. Plaque that remains on the teeth can harden into “tartar.’ The only way to effectively remove tartar is by a professional dental cleaning. This is why regular dental cleanings are so important!


flossing teethTartar becomes more harmful the longer it is on the teeth. Added to this problem is inflammation of the gums caused by the bacteria. This inflammation of the gums causes “gingivitis” which results in red and swollen gums that can bleed. Gingivitis is usually managed successfully with flossing and daily brushing. It is equally important to have regular professional cleaning by a dental hygienist.


If gingivitis is left untreated, it can progress to a condition called “periodontitis.” This is a condition that causes the gum to recede from the teeth and form pockets where infection takes hold. The connective tissue and bone that keeps the teeth in place are broken down by the bacterial toxins. This condition, if left untreated, can destroy gums, bones and tissue that keep the teeth in place. The end result of this disease is the loss of teeth and an infection that can impact the person’s overall health.

Preventative Measures To Help Fight Gum Disease

The most important method for preventing gum disease is regular brushing and flossing. Another important method is getting regular teeth cleanings at your dental office. Look for any sign of blood in your mouth, and if you detect any, then get to your dentist as soon as possible. Be careful not to eat foods that may be hard on the gums resulting in tears or breaks.

If you have noticed increase bleeding from your gums, or swelling, contact you dentist to make an appointment. If you are in the Cincinnati area, and would like a consultation, contact Beckham Square Family Dental of Blue Ash at 513.489.7800 to make a dental appointment with Dr. Andrea Schmerler D.D.S. or Dr. Scott Malavich D.D.S. today.

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