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Tricks to Stay Up on Your Family’s Dental Care

Sometimes our best intentions don’t always work out. We know that’s certainly true for many of our Cincinnati patients. You say you’ll get a checkup and cleaning every 6. You’ll brush and floss every day. And we believe you. We know that you try your best.

Life just gets busy, especially for families. There never seems to be enough time. It’s enough just staying up on shoe tying and packed lunches sometimes.

That’s why we recommend treating family dental care and dental appointments like any other scheduling challenge. The good news is that technology can be a tremendous help. Here are a few tips and tools you can try to better stay on top of your dental health. That’s an important step to maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile.

Keep a To-Do List

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done? Break it down into steps with a daily to-do list. And yes, put brushing and flossing on that list. You can also add picking up, dropping the kids off at school. Making lunch. Putting gas in the car. It’s important to include the small steps too — the easier the task is to achieve the better. This way you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something and will actually have more energy and inspiration to do more.

Some people like paper, but I prefer to go digital. Google Keep is an excellent list making tool. This way, the list is always there and accessible — right in your phone or other device.

You can also schedule reminders — by the hour, day or even months out in advance. This is especially helpful in keeping up on appointments and booking checkups.

Pro tip — don’t just erase the completed items. Put checks or stars next to the item so you can see what you’ve accomplished. It’s a good feeling.

Schedule Dental Appointments Early or Late in the Day

By booking your appointment in the beginning or end of the day, you’ll have fewer disruptions. Mornings are great if you are a morning person. Late afternoons are better if you need to focus.

Have Us Call You!

We’re happy to call or email you as a friendly reminder to book cleanings and appointments. We use scheduling tools on our end to notify us when you’re do — and then we’ll contact you. It’s just that easy!

Dental Apps

Dental Anywhere is a handy app that makes it easier to connect and contact your dentist. You can alert your dentist if you have a dental emergency or question. Appointments can be synced to your calendar. You can also schedule reminders. You can even book appointments right through the app!

Brush DJ

Technically it’s great for kids — but there’s no law against adults using it too. It can help time your brushing for the 2 minutes recommended by your Cincinnati dentist. You can also note when you’ve brushed as a visual reward.

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