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Brushing, First Dental Visits, & More! What You Need to Know About Baby Teeth

Your child’s first baby tooth is an important milestone. As your child begins to grow their first baby teeth, they’ll discover new ways to eat, speak, and smile. It’s an important step in their development — and the perfect time to start them on the right path to oral hygiene to ensure healthy teeth as they become adults. We always tell our Cincinnati patients it’s never too early to start paying attention to their child’s teeth. They may replace baby teeth with adult teeth as they grow, but baby teeth provide the very foundation for later dental health.

We all want our children to be happy, healthy, and smiling for a lifetime. Here’s how to start caring for baby teeth today to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile as your child grows and develops.

Its Science: Facts About Baby Teeth You Should Know

Here’s an interesting science fact. Babies are actually born with teeth from the very beginning. Babies have 20 primary teeth they develop in the womb. They just haven’t emerged yet. At about 3 months of age, teething begins. This can be an irritable time for the baby (as well as mommy and daddy!) Teething toys can help with the pain as well as encourage tooth development. The first teeth that to emerge will likely be the incisors (the teeth on the bottom front).

Baby teeth are gradually replaced by 32 adult teeth. Between 6 and 12, your child will have a combination of baby and adult teeth. The back teeth (canines and molars) are not lost until ages 9 to 13.

When Should My Child Start Brushing?

As soon as you see a tooth, it’s time to start brushing. In fact, even before there are any teeth you might want to gently massage your child’s gums with your finger. This is good preparation and healthy for the gums. You can get baby toothbrushes designed to go over the finger that can gently soothe your child’s teeth and gums. Baby toothpaste is especially designed to be harmless to swallow.

When Should Your Child Visit Our Sharonville Dental Office?

You should bring your child in at the first sign of a tooth — or when they are a year old. Early visits to the dentist have been found to reduce cavity risk by encouraging proper dental health at an early age. It’s best to start them out on the right foot.

What to Expect from Your Child’s First Visit

Your child’s first visit is really just an introduction. We’ll take a look at your child’s jawline and make sure everything’s developing correctly. If your child is older than a year, we’ll also demonstrate healthy brushing and show them fun dental models as educational tools. They’ll even get to ride in our dentist chair. It’s a fun and enjoyable experience. Our dentists and staff are great with kids.

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