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Advice from Your Cincinnati Dentist: Easy Ways to Eat Less Sugar

Yes, we know — sugar tastes good. That’s why bacteria love it, especially the bacteria that are bad for your teeth. We tell you that every time we see you for an appointment at our Cincinnati dentist office. These bacteria eat the sugar and then poop it out in an acid, which causes plaque and tooth decay.

If the idea of bacteria pooping in your mouth doesn’t motivate you to fight plaque and the conditions that cause cavities, we don’t know what will.

Easy Ways to Cut Back on Sugar

Of course you and your family will probably continue to eat sugar. It’s such a mainstay in our diet you really have to go out of your way to cut it out completely. What’s important though is cutting back. And there are some fairly easy ways to do so.

First, cut back on sugar filled drinks like soda pop, energy and sports drinks, and yes, even certain juice (some fruit juice actually contains just as much sugar as soda). Stick to water as your go-to, perhaps adding a dash of lemon or lime juice, or soaking cucumbers in the pitcher, to give it a pleasing flavor.

Here’s some advice you’ll probably like: Skip fat free foods. Drink whole milk, rather than skim, eat full fat yogurt. The truth is low fat foods tend to contain more sugar and may even contribute to weight gain.

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