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7 Tricks to Drinking Wine without Staining Your Teeth

Want in on a secret? A glass of wine (or two) a day can actually be good for you! Wine drinkers have the lowest mortality rates, even when compared to non-drinkers. Unfortunately, it’s not the best for the pearly whites of your teeth. But if you’re a wine aficionado (or even just enjoy the occasional glass), don’t fret! Here are 7 tricks to protect your teeth from wine stains.

Brush at the Start of the Night

Wine clings to plaque or tartar, increasing the likelihood of stains. So instead of waiting until the end of the night, brush before you go out. Make it part of your routine. Shower. Do your hair, makeup, and brush your teeth. You’ll feel better, fresher, and your mouth will be cleaner with less accumulatiive surface for the wine to attach to your teeth.

Start with Red

It seems counterintuitive, but it’s actually science. If you start with red wine instead of white (if you are planning on eventually drinking red), your teeth will have fewer wine stains. It turns out that white wine has a high acid content which can erode your teeth, acting as a primer. This can cause the tannins in red wine to cling to your teeth more. If you drink red wine, you’ll actually have fewer stains if you stick to red all night.

Pair with Cheese

Not only do wine and cheese taste great together, but cheese actually leaves a calcium coating on your teeth that closes microholes on the surface of teeth. This protects your teeth from wine stains.

Floss Everyday

Flossing is great for dental health in general. (It’s even good for your heart!) But flossing also protects your enamel which helps your teeth stay white, whether you’re drinking wine, coffee or other drinks that might stain your teeth.

Drink Sparkling Water

For every glass of wine, or at least every other glass, sip on a glass of sparkling seltzer water. The bubbles provide a great cleaning tonic for your teeth, removing any tannins that may have stuck to the enamel.

Brush at the End of the Night

Don’t think that just because you brushed before you left the house that you are off scott free. Brushing at the end of the night can cleanse your teeth of any remaining substance from the wine before it stains your teeth.

Consider Teeth Whitening

Late in getting this advice? If you aren’t satisfied with the gleam of your smile, you might consider professional teeth whitening. It’s a safe and effective cosmetic dentistry procedure that can have your smile fresh and looking young again. Call our office in Cincinnati to learn more.

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