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5 Ways to Following Through On Toothbrushing Like a Champ!

We get it. Brushing every day can be tough — but it’s so important! But you’re human, and it can be tough to remember on a 2x per day basis. You swear you’ll do it before bed, but you’re just too tired one night — and that turns out to be half the week! Here are 5 techniques to prompt yourself to brush and improve your overall dental health.

Brush 1 Hour before Bed

Most of us settle in before bed — whether that’s curling up in front of the TV, with a book, or cuddling with significant others or pets. Before you curl, make a point of brushing your teeth. Most of the time, we plan to brush our teeth but then put it off until we are too tired — it’s just too tempting. Get the brushing out of the way beforehand and you can just slip off into dreamland with a clean, refreshed mouth.

Appreciate How Clean Your Mouth Feels

A clean mouth feels amazing — like your teeth just stepped out of the shower. After you brush, make a point of noticing how clean and fresh your mouth feels. And thank yourself. Your mouth is certainly grateful!

Keep a Brushing Diary

You don’t need to record your life story, but it is a good idea to note how often you brush and when you forget. Noting each successful brush is a great way to reward yourself. The times we forget we often don’t notice, but they do add up. Keep track and you’ll forget less.

Use Brushing Apps

There are plenty of smartphone apps that can encourage you to brush — most are for kids, but they can still be helpful for adults. These apps will first remind you to brush, and they’ll help you keep track. They can also provide timers — even to your favorite music — so you can be sure to brush the 2-minute interval recommended by your Cincinnati dentist.

Partner with Your Spouse/Family

Another great way to encourage yourself to brush is to enlist the entire family. Tell your spouse. Tell your children you are trying to brush more often. Create family brushing calendars so everyone’s on board. Couples can support each other. Parents can serve as examples for kids when they make brushing a priority.

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