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5 Secrets to Healthy Teeth and a Beautiful Smile

Having a beautiful smile and healthy teeth isn’t a mystery, nor is it purely the result of great genes. Like a good diet and regular exercise are the cornerstones to being physically fit, taking care of your teeth helps you maintain healthy gums and a good-looking smile. And while regular brushing and flossing are a great start, they are only the beginning. Here are 5 secrets to a great looking smile. What we do every day is what decides our overall oral health.

See Your Dentist More.

If you are like most Cincinnati residents, you probably aren’t seeing your dentist enough. The truth is we miss you and look forward to your smiling face! Most patients should have 6 month checkups and cleanings. Some should even do so every 90 days. This kind of preventive dentistry procedure is probably covered by your insurance plan. If you’re not stopping in, you are wasting your benefits!

Here’s another tip: If you aren’t seeing your dentist enough because of the pain, then you are seeing the wrong dentist! The technology for pain relief has come a long way over the last several years. Aside from the initial pinch as the numbing agent is applied, there really shouldn’t be any discomfort. If there is, either your dentist isn’t using enough numbing medication, or they don’t use the latest advancements in numbing technology. That is why it is so important to go to a Cincinnati dentist committed to the practice of gentle dentistry. The easier the procedure is, the more likely you are to follow through on treatment, and the healthier your smile will be.

Soda is Not Your Friend.

There is a scary amount of sugar in soda — 8 to 10 teaspoons per glass. Would you eat a bowl of sugar like it was cereal? Would you let your kids? That’s practically what you’re doing when you drink too much soda!

In addition to sugar, soda also contains phosphoric and citric acids, which eat away the enamel on your teeth.

We’re not saying you can never drink soda — an occasional can at parties won’t hurt. But when it’s a habit, you might as well gift wrap a yacht for your Cincinnati dentist this Christmas!

Children should also limit juice consumption. Though not as bad as soda, juice contains a high amount of sugar and acidity that’s bad for your teeth. Stick to milk or water as a regular beverage.

Flush Your Cigarettes Down the Toilet. Seriously.

You know smoking is bad for your lungs. It’s 2018. Nobody is in denial anymore. But did you know how bad it is for your teeth? Yes, cigarettes can make your teeth yellow (ewww!), but they also eat away your gums and provide a ripe habitat for bacteria, which causes cavities. Smoking breaks down tissue and bone that supports teeth, which can cause your teeth to fall out. And besides lung cancer, you’re also at risk of oral cancers. Seriously, just stop!

Don’t Wait Until It Hurts.

Did you know that for most of their development, cavities are completely painless? It’s not until they deep enough to strike a nerve that they hurt. (Hello, root canal!) Gum disease too can be as quiet a ninja. It only starts to hurt once a serious infection kicks in, or the gums have worn away to the bone.

Don’t wait until you’re in pain to call us. By then, the damage is usually severe. Yes, dental emergencies do happen, but regularly seeing your dentist is the best way to stop issues ahead of time. It’s healthier for your mouth and easier on your budget.

Drink More Water, Eat More Veggies

Water is good for your health, and it’s great for your mouth. Drinking water as your go-to beverage will improve your mental focus, your health, and help you lose weight. And it naturally rinses out the mouth. Always drink water not only during a meal, but after a meal. It rinses bits of food and sugars from your mouth, minimizing the bacteria that causes cavities.

Fruits and veggies, likewise, are not only good for your health, but your mouth as well. The general rule is the crunchier the better. Crunchy veggies contain healthy fiber but also helps strengthen the jaws. Don’t worry so much about cutting them into bite size pieces. Give those jaws a workout!

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