PlanPro: In-Office Dental Savings Plan


Dental insurance can be expensive, and benefits are extremely limited. However, paying out of pocket can also be prohibitively expensive. Luckily, our dentists, dental hygienists and staff know how to help patients make the most of their dental insurance, because people of all ages and circumstances deserve a beautiful, healthy smile.

Worried about your dental care being affordable and easily-accessible for your family? We can help!

We offer an excellent alternative to conventional dental insurance:

When we say our dental practice is focused on patient-centered care, we don’t just mean our gentle, skilled and friendly dental services. After all, what good is offering our communities great dental care if it’s too expensive for your family to get? In order to help you keep up on your dental health care needs, we have designed our own In-Office Savings Plan.

PlanPro is an annual membership savings plan for individuals and families. As a member of the plan, your preventative work is covered 100% in our office. You’ll also receive valuable savings on the additional dentistry you need or desire throughout the year. Unlike traditional insurance plans, there are no monthly fees, no deductibles, and no yearly maximum. Call our office at 513.489.7800 for more details and start saving today!